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Mobile DVR solutions to meet your demands for passenger safety, vehicle security and management. Not only do the mobile DVR solutions own the video surveillance technology but they are scalable and flexible to work in conjunction with the geographic information system, centralized monitoring stations, DVR system and mobile phone monitoring.

Mobile DVR solutions support GPS functions for vehicle tracking and location verification on Google Maps. The GPS Maps can be accessed easily Mobile DVR web-based interface, or through the CMS software. Integrated with the CMS, the Mobile DVR solutions allow transportation officials for fleet management, such as tracking route efficiency, idle time and observing when a vehicle was at a particular pick up point.

Mobile DVR solutions provide free dynamic DNS service which always directs a dynamic IP address to the same domain name. The service is helpful when the IP address of your Mobile DVR assigned by DHCP server or ISP (in xDSL connection) is changeable. In case that your 3G wireless Internet module (e.g. GPRS/UMTS) cannot obtain a public IP address from ISP, Mobile DVR solutions provide Video Gateway to overcome the IP issue.






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