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CCTV System

Secure Trans is market leader in the design, installation and maintenance of digital CCTV systems which are helping to transform the discipline of commercial surveillance. Video tape and camera film are being rapidly replaced by digital media which provide a host of practical advantages such as:


  • Save time retrieving footage (simply enter time and date)

  • User friendly interfaces

  • Save time replacing and storing tapes

  • Network connectivity allows images to be viewed remotely online

  • Digital footage can be easily distributed (e.g. by email, burned to disc etc)

  • Better image quality

  • Software available to automatically analyse and authenticate images

  • No image degradation

  • Can consolidate images from multiple sites easily

We can install bespoke, fully scalable CCTV solutions that are specifically designed to suit your particular security needs.

Secure Trans offer a one-stop-shop CCTV service from consultancy on the best solution to the installation of cameras and integration into network systems, set-up of remote monitoring and ongoing maintenance and support.

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