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Secure Trans Provide Access control & Biometric system solutions enable you to protect your business while allowing you to manage and monitor the where about of personnel on your premises.


Secure Trans access control solutions incorporate the latest technology including proximity/swipe/smart cards and biometrics generating cost savings on lock/key replacement. These systems can also be integrated into your existing IT network allowing you to make instant changes to entry/access privileges and remote monitoring. They can also aid health and safety systems via the tracking of persons in emergency situations, whilst offering a smooth integration with 3rd party systems such as Fire Alarms and Business Management Systems.

All our access control solutions are flexible and fully scalable to adapt to your changing security needs.


The future of security technology is available to you, today!Biometrics is no longer science fiction but is increasingly used by mainstream commercial enterprises to strengthen their security systems.

Secure Trans can design and install biometrics systems which can identify persons using fingerprint matching, iris scanning, face and speech recognition or hand geometrics. The cost of implementing this cutting edge technology need not be prohibitively expensive but will eliminate the problems associated with stolen/forged cards and provide greater convenience for personnel who no longer need to carry them or remember PIN codes.


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