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These innovative systems also have to provide convenience of home intercom hands-free communication. A sleek, streamline design has to blend in with the interior and exterior of the facility. Control entry security intercom can regulate access into your building by communicating easily and efficiently with doors and master stations, while keeping your facility secure.


The two-way communications audio and video intercom system can identify visitors also by using a high resolution video camera. Door intercom systems are easy and intuitive to operate. They are applicable in most industry markets like:

Commercial: Office Buildings, office intercom, retail stores, parking garages, front and rear entrances, office intercom system and employee only areas.Educational: Primary and secondary schools, college campuses, main entrances, service areas, and faculty areas.Government: Local, State and Federal Government branches, courtrooms security, airports and embassies.Healthcare: Hospitals, medical clinics, nurseries and pharmacies.Residential: Residential intercom, house intercom, whole house intercom, apartment intercom, gated entries, housing developments and multi-tenant buildings

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